hi! I'm Laura Gioja

My studio is located in Watseka, IL. I am blessed to work with many people in this area through photography!

I'm a homebody and love spending my free time at home.. It's a good day if I can get into nature or get my hands dirty doing a project. We own an old home and that gives us plenty to work on! I also love to cook and bake, and thankfully I have plenty of eager eaters around!

I love being a mom to my 3. It's my best and most important job. Watching them blossom into creative, funny, wonderful people is so rewarding!

I am married to my husband, Phil. I can't imagine running this business or raising my kids without him. He's the most encouraging, positive person you'll probably ever meet. Lucky for me, he married me and he keeps us going through the ups and downs. He owns a video production company and we run our businesses from the same workspace in downtown Watseka, IL.

We love small town living and are thankful to be raising our family here. Iroquois County has become one of our favorite places to be. This is the area I primarily serve and I so appreciate being able to keep my work local. I particularly love working on location at area farms and properties. I also do a lot of my outdoor sessions at a private farm property close to Watseka.

I’m passionate about this. I want you to look through your images and be delighted with them. I want you to smile and laugh because of the silliness and chaos of the moments we had together. I want you to tear up because you love these people so much and you don’t ever get to see yourself with them like this. These images are treasures that last forever.