As we slip out of April and into May it's still been fairly chilly here most days, which doesn't making staying home any easier. We've definitely hit the hard days of this lockdown and are honestly pretty tired of it. The kids are pretty good at staying busy and creative. I have bursts of motivation and get tons done some days, other days I feel like we didn't do much of anything.

I continue to be so glad that I am challenging myself to take pictures of my own life during this time. My kids are getting sick of me taking their pictures I think, but that hasn't stopped me. ;) Here's the link to last months post, in case you missed it.

Enjoy some highlights from this past month!


I am starting again with some limited outdoor client work, so please let me know if you have something time sensitive you would like to get in soon. I am also filling dates in June through the Fall, so be sure to let me know if you would like to get on my schedule.